Relocation Collage

What Expats DON’T Have to Do Alone

relocation collageIn her Wall Street Journal article “Sanity Preserving Moving Tips from a Recently Relocated Expat, journalist Alexandra Wexler offers a reality check to expats about the multitudinous tasks associated with moving to another country for a job: learning about visas, finding temporary and permanent housing, researching schools, opening bank accounts and much more. She describes the process, which she experienced when moving from New York City to Johannesburg, South Africa, as an “exercise in willpower and sanity.”

But, good news: Wetzel Services either takes care of or guides you through all of these tasks, sparing you as many headaches as possible and smoothing your journey from there to here! Every day, our multilingual, culturally aware team members help expats who are moving to the Greenville area. We can:

  • Book flights, hotels, rental cars, rental furniture and temporary housingIMG_2328
  • Arrange for one of our licensed real estate agents to take you on realty tours, whether you want to lease a home or buy one
  • Draw up realty contracts
  • Schedule school and daycare tours
  • Arrange for the shipment of your possessions and transport of your pets
  • Translate your documents
  • Assist you with guardianship documents for your children
  • Help you set up bank accounts
  • Start utility services at your new home
  • Help you get a Social Security number, driver’s license and work permit
  • Organize customized intercultural training sessions
  • Coordinate English teachers or tutors for yourself, your spouse and your children
  • Connect you with other expats and the local community via social events and group classes

Before returning to his home country of Germany after a 3-year expat assignment, one client said, “We don’t want to leave without saying thank you, Wetzel team, for everything you did to make it very easy for us to settle down and help us so much with all the little things that need to be done to fit in!”

We provide these services and more on a contract basis for several international companies in the Greenville area. Contact us at [email protected] or 864-286-1177 for more information about how we can help you or your international employees.