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More Than English: What’s New at Wetzel Languages

A lot has IMG_5766been happening in the Wetzel Language Department recently, in response both to client requests and to our own brainstorming about how better to help people learn languages and cultures.


We have welcomed several new teachers to our group, including a native French speaker and a Spanish-speaking cultural trainer. Our teachers are currently helping people learn English, German, French, Spanish and Thai. We are also capable of offering Chinese, Italian, Portuguese and Afrikaans, upon request.



Designed to help international associates understand and work better with their American colleagues, this seminar digs deep into the motivations and values that drive American behavior in the workplace.

After a few years of living in the U.S., many expat families do not adequately anticipate the challenges of re-adjusting to their home countries. This seminar, offered to families nearing the end of their assignments, helps them think through the thoughts, feelings, frustrations and logistics of reverse cultural adjustment– before they are swimming in it.

Mexico flagThis 8-hour training, which parallels our existing Intercultural Trainings (to Germany, to the U.S. and to China), is for people who have accepted work assignments in Mexico. It equips them to navigate and begin to understand the Mexican culture, from its history, religion and education systems to basics of etiquette, food, traffic laws and other practical tips for daily life.

Our existing Intercultural Training to the U.S. is offered in English, German, Chinese and now Spanish, for expats moving to the Upstate from Mexico or other Spanish-speaking countries.

  • Coffee and Conversation: A Social English Class

FullSizeRender (3) (1)Meeting on Wednesday mornings, this seven-week conversation class is giving a diverse group of expat spouses a relaxed context for practicing all of the English that is already in their heads. They are also learning new vocabulary, real-life expressions and idioms, and cultural tidbits to help them feel more comfortable living in the U.S.

For more information about any of our offerings, email [email protected] or call 864-286-1177.