Inter Cultural Flyer

New Year – New Intercultural Seminar!

After years of experience with teaching Intercultural Training classes to expat families, we’ve decided to treat our Intercultural Training (ICT) for newcomers to the Upstate to a complete makeover in the past few months. This was in part a team effort with input from our trainers and Paul Wetzel, but the project was led by Barbara Slate who is a Bavarian state-certified teacher at Gymnasium level and has the good fortune of being a nomad–with residences in both Bavaria and South Carolina.

Even though she had lived and traveled in other parts of the USA for years before she first came to the Upstate in 2006, it took Barbara quite a while to get over the initial culture shock and adapt to Southern living. Therefore, a lot of her own experience went into the gathering of the new material and re-structuring of the training.

Here is what the new ICT syllabus looks like:


  • Culture and Culture Shock
  • Profile of the USA and the South
  • Daily Life and Practical Tips

Part two is a customized session, based on your personal background and needs. Each newcomer can pick and choose  from the topics below:


  • Opinions and Stereotypes
  • Core Values, History and Self-Image
  • Social Interaction and Public Behavior
  • Business Interaction and Etiquette
  • Language and Communication
  • Family, Children and Health Care
  • Schools and Education
  • Race
  • Religion

We still offer flexible scheduling, so you can take the training either in one sitting or divided up into several sessions – in our office, at your workplace, or in your home. In preparation for your training, we will get in touch with you personally to set up an individual training plan that is tailored to your wishes and expectations. We do not do group classes. Our experienced trainers include German expats, as well as English native speakers. Every associate taking the training will receive a binder with detailed and up-to-date information on all of the topics above to take home. And of course, each session will offer plenty of opportunity for discussions or to ask questions.

Let us help you make your international assignment a successful and positive experience!