Sanaz Interview Picture

Welcome, Sanaz!

We are very happy to introduce Sanaz Schroeder as the newest member of the Wetzel team, serving as office manager. Sanaz grew up in Germany, but lived in Zurich, Switzerland for seven years before her husband’s work brought them and their son (now three-and-a-half years old) to Greenville in 2015. She holds a PhD in Adult education and Didactics, and she worked as a university professor for many years. She has been involved in various international projects in that capacity.

Sanaz loves the outdoors, so she is enjoying taking advantage of all of our nearby lakes and hiking spots while she is here. She also loves traveling and Latin language and culture. She has been working to add Spanish to her collection of languages!

Sanaz is very experienced at traveling and living in unfamiliar places, and her top advice is to be open to everything. Be willing to adapt, respect the new culture, and take initiative to discover new things.