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Autumn In The Upstate

Autumn in the Upstate

After a hot, rainy summer, fall has finally arrived in the Upstate. Temperatures are slowly but surely dropping and everyone is settling back into their routines after the back-to-school rush. As weekdays get busier, it’s nice to have something relaxing to look forward to on the weekend. Read on for some of our favorite ways to celebrate autumn in the Upstate!

Lovely Leaves

As you may know, the term “fall” originates from the phrase “the fall of the leaf”. This is especially appropriate in the Upstate, where it’s a treat to take a midseason drive through the area to enjoy the spectacularly colored foliage before the trees go bare. Round up your family, pack a picnic, and head out for a day in the nearby mountains and parks.

Go, Team, Go!

For many Americans, fall means one thing: football season. Even if you’ve never seen an American football game, it’s fun to find a local game, choose a team, and wear the colors for a day of food and fun at the stadium. Clemson University (the Tigers), Furman University (the Paladins), and the University of South Carolina (the Gamecocks) are popular local choices.


If you hail from Germany, you’re likely familiar with the tradition of Oktoberfest. Though you’re far from Munich, there are many ways to take part in the celebration from this side of the pond. Dust off your dirndl, lace up your lederhosen, and visit one of these great locations for a nice cold bier.

Greenville’s NOMA Oktoberfest:

Greer Station Oktoberfest:

Strossner’s Oktoberfest:

Fall for Greenville

At this popular yearly event, you’ll enjoy delicious local food, live music, and activities for kids and adults alike. Take a group of friends and explore the downtown Greenville area while participating in the festivities. It’s held October 11-13, and you can buy tickets and find more information here.