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Diversity In Greenville And The Upstate

Diversity in Greenville and the Upstate

During a recent chat with Wetzel’s Language Manager, Susannah, I was pleasantly struck by her account of an event she had attended a few weeks before – specifically, her positive impression of the diverse nature of her fellow attendees. She mentioned that although this was a local event, there were families there of all backgrounds – many of them speaking in their native languages and donning traditional garb.

We agreed that Greenville is well on the way to becoming an American melting pot. In this same vein, I’ve done a little research to discover just how diverse the Upstate really is – for instance, did you know that almost 7% of Greenville’s population is foreign-born? The Greenville Chamber of Commerce predicts that by 2030, the Hispanic population will have expanded to make up over 11% of the Upstate’s population.

There are more than fifteen international festivals and events each year ranging from a Chinese New Year celebration to St. George Greek Orthodox Church’s annual Greek Festival.

Greenville is already home to around 245 international businesses from 20 countries, and with companies such as BMW, Draexlmaier, and Michelin setting roots and creating jobs in the Upcountry, there’s a solid foundation for a diverse population that will only grow over time.

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