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Meet Elissa!

Meet Elissa!

A Blog Post About a Rather Dull Lady Which Contains Some Typical English Expressions and Word Combinations

Hi, I’m Elissa.  I work in the relocations department at Wetzel Services, and I also teach English and do intercultural training. To be perfectly honest with you, I am as dull as dishwater. I’m not being modest – I have been told this. When I have free time, I prefer to curl up with a good book and a cup of cocoa, or maybe knit, or do a puzzle. If my son is around, he and I might mix it up and watch “The Good Place” or “Brooklyn 99” on TV while drinking the cocoa. That’s about as exciting as it gets. (But actually, you should watch “The Good Place” and “Brooklyn 99”. You’ll thank me later.) Sometimes, for variety, I take my act on the road, and go do my boring stuff at the beach on Seabrook Island.

Even though my life is a crashing bore, I am compelled to try to achieve immortality, so each morning I hit the gym with my husband, then come home and whip up a green smoothie before I head out to the office or an English lesson.

Luckily for me, I married someone who has inserted some adventure into my life. His job has kept us on the move, and we have lived in Mexico, France, and the United Kingdom. Along the way we had three children: a twenty-five year old free spirit who hates rules, thinks she’s European, and currently teaches English in Macedonia; a twenty-one-year-old who keeps her nose to the grindstone, and as a result is now studying to be a dentist; and a seventeen-year-old boy who is a chip off the old block, sharing his father’s intense love of sports. Much to the dismay of his dad though, his passion is for soccer rather than America’s pastime – baseball. These kids are the most interesting thing about me, the apple of my eye, and very cool people (in my humble opinion).

If you’re not a native English speaker, I hope you found some useful new expressions here. If English is your first language, well, I’m guessing you’re not reading this because you threw in the towel a couple of paragraphs back.

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