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Expanding Our Language Program

Expanding our Language Program

When you move to a new place where everyone speaks a language that you find familiar but not really comfortable, learning that language better suddenly becomes a top priority.

That’s what happens for many people who move to Greenville from other countries for job assignments. They studied English in school but have rarely used it since. Plunged into a workplace and community populated by Americans who speak only English, these expats are highly motivated to build vocabulary and fluency so they don’t flounder in their new environment.

That’s where Wetzel Languages comes in. We have been providing language program support to the HR departments of major automotive companies for about 20 years now. Now, as the automotive industry continues to flourish in the Upstate, we are expanding our language program and intercultural training offerings to additional supplier companies.

Whether a company is bringing five people or 50 people a year to work in their Greenville plants, we can support these employees with language programs and cultural classes and seminars, including:

Cross-Culture Business Seminar (a 1-day seminar for small groups of employees working cross-culturally)

English, German, Spanish and Portuguese classes for small groups of students who are at the same level (typically meet weekly or biweekly at your location)

Business English topical courses for intermediate to advanced students: Building Relationships & Asking Questions, Constructive Criticism & Saying No, Reaching Agreement, and other topics (offered as 8-week courses meeting weekly, or as 1-day seminars)

Intercultural Training to the U.S. (Upstate-specific)

Intercultural Training to Germany

Intercultural Training to Mexico

Intercultural Training to China

Customized private lessons: Intensive English Program: Upstate, South Carolina

Private language lessons (English, German, Spanish, and more) are another option for busy associates. We match them with experienced, dedicated language teachers who meet them at their convenience — perhaps first thing in the morning at a cafe, during a lunch break at the workplace, or off-site at the end of the workday.

Most of our language teachers have lived and worked abroad themselves. They understand the struggle of making a home and life in a foreign country, so they can commiserate over the frustrations while helping internationals succeed in their American workplaces and feel more comfortable in their daily lives here. Those teaching German, Spanish or other languages are skilled at equipping American employees to use that language with colleagues and on business trips. Whether the student is an engineer needing phrases for giving constructive criticism in a second language, or a spouse who needs vocabulary for medical appointments and household management, our teachers work hard to assess the student’s needs and goals and prepare customized, engaging lessons.

Email [email protected] to tell us about the language and culture training needs at your company. We are happy to provide quotes and to customize training to meet your needs!