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Frauke Westrich: Newly Certified Global Mobility Specialist

Frauke Westrich: Newly Certified Global Mobility Specialist

Congratulations to Frauke Westrich, a Wetzel Services Relocation Specialist, on earning her Global Mobility Specialist designation from Worldwide ERC! Worldwide ERC is a premier trade organization of relocation professionals, and its GMS certification is highly respected  within the industry.

To earn the designation, Frauke put in a great deal of effort. She completed three different modules, each consisting of fifteen hours of presentations and ten hours of work time. They covered topics such as relocation policy development, strategies for global workforce mobility, and intercultural support for assignees.

After five years of experience in international relocations, many of these topics were already familiar to Frauke. However, she enjoyed gaining a broader understanding of workforce mobility policy development. She says she that the course has given her a better comprehension of overall HR processes. In addition, she can now see why companies might have different policies on matters such as housing and transportation allowances. One topic she found particularly interesting was the importance of keeping in touch with expatriates while on assignment. Too often they can become disconnected from their home location, making reintegration more challenging than necessary.

Frauke has always been an outstanding member of our team, and we’re impressed that she’s taken this step to be even more effective in her job. Both our clients and our team are fortunate to have her at Wetzel Services!