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Golfing Badly For Loaves And Fishes

Golfing Badly for Loaves and Fishes

A nice thing about working at Wetzel Services is that we spend our days with people we like. One of our co-workers often says that she has to work so she can spend time with her friends. We all share in that sentiment, so we’re happy for any excuse to enjoy time together outside the office. Better yet if that time can benefit one of our favorite organizations: Loaves and Fishes.

If you’ve visited our blog before, you may know that Loaves and Fishes works to reduce hunger in Greenville County. They do so by rescuing food that would otherwise go to waste, then distributing it to agencies that help those in need. Twice a year they have fantastic fundraisers, and in September they held one at Greenville’s new Top Golf. Individuals and organizations paid for teams to spend an evening hitting golf balls into targets for points and glory. The proceeds of the event went to support Loaves and Fishes’ efforts in the Upstate.

Everyone was eager to join in, so between our staff and a couple of ringers, we entered two teams. Although competitive spirit ran high (there was a pretty blatant attempt at team-stacking), neither team fared very well in the final standings.  Despite our dearth of talent, we had a great time, and want to thank Loaves and Fishes for a fun evening.

Be sure to check out Loaves and Fishes’ website to learn more about them. If you want to contribute to the community, rescuing food for Loaves and Fishes is an easy, flexible volunteer opportunity. Watch for news of their spring fundraiser so you can join in the next good time for a great cause!