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Gratefull GVL: A Potluck Dinner With The Entire City

Gratefull GVL: A Potluck Dinner With the Entire City

What’s a Potluck Dinner?

Potluck dinners are a staple of American entertaining. Want to have a dinner party with friends, but don’t have the time to prepare a big meal? Arrange for everyone to contribute a dish. That way you can break bread together without one person shouldering the burden.

On November 25, the Wetzel team attended a potluck for the entire city. Gratefull GVL debuted on Main Street on a beautiful autumn afternoon. Everyone was welcome to come free of charge, and attendees could bring a dish to share if they wished. In addition, Project Host and various restaurants provided food to be sure there was enough for everyone.

Why a Meal With the Whole City?

The organizers of Gratefull GVL wanted to bring the city together to spark conversations. Greenville is a growing and diverse city. It is home to a mix of Greenville natives, transplants elsewhere in the U.S., and international residents. Greenvillians also cover the racial and socioeconomic spectra. Such disparate people don’t always agree on what makes a city a good place to live. They may not even come regular contact with each other. The city-wide meal offered a chance for people with different perspectives to engage.

For example, Susannah, our language manager, struck up a conversation with a woman who grew up in Greenville. She said that she missed the smaller, quieter city of her youth. She does not care for the growth in the area. Many of us love our charming downtown, and revel in the well-deserved accolades for Greenville’s revitalization. It’s easy to be unaware of those who don’t feel they’ve benefited from the city’s prosperity.

Annual Event?

One meal won’t fix all of our differences, but maybe it’s a step. Apparently it’s a welcome step, as news outlets reported that thousands attended. We thoroughly enjoyed the event, but if you missed it, you may have another chance. Organizers called it the “1st Annual City-Wide Potluck,” so we hope to see you there in 2020!