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Home Checklist: A Tool To Enhance Your Investment

Home Checklist: A Tool to Enhance Your Investment

Do you get a yearly physical? The reasons to do so are obvious. It helps you assess your current state of health, make necessary changes, and plan for the future. Similarly, a Home Checklist can help you gauge and manage your house and your goals for it.

A good home checklist will gather thorough information about your home. Included will be data about financials, improvements, energy, and IT. It will also ask about the strengths and shortcomings of your property. Additionally, your future plans for it will be considered. (Is it your forever home? If not, will you eventually sell it or rent it?)

Reviewing a Home Checklist yourself is an excellent way to analyze where things stand and what you want to do with your house. January is an ideal time, as it’s a natural season of goal-setting. It’s also a good time to meet with vendors. Making an appointment with a landscaper in the spring, or with an HVAC technician in the summer is much more difficult.

If you’d like some advice after filling out a Home Checklist, reviewing it with a realty professional is a great option. A knowledgeable third party can offer peace of mind that you’re on the right track. They can help you with information and decisions such as:

  • the market value of your home
  • comparable home sales in your area
  • renovations that would best enhance the value of your home
  • whether your would benefit from refinancing or paying extra principal
  • advise for converting your house to an investment/rental property.

If this sounds beneficial to you, feel free to look at our Home Checklist here. Read it over for your own use, or, if you prefer, fill it out and submit it. Then Paul, Jacki, or one of our agents will follow up with you. We would love to help you be sure you’re making the most of your home investment.