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Language Classes for Businesses
Private Language Classes

Our customized language classes with experienced teachers are designed to meet your individual needs as a student.

Business English Classes

Our Skilled English Series Course emphasizes improving English skills specific to success in American business culture.

Cross-Cultural Business Seminar

Our Cross-Culture Business Seminar explores international values and motivations, which lead to specific workplace behaviors.

English Immersion Course

IMMERSE is a fully customized, 1-2 week English immersion program that gives international professionals real life English practice.

Intercultural Training

Our intercultural program equips you to work in a diverse environment and gain a better understanding of cultural differences.

Repatriation Seminars

Our Repatriation Seminar helps prepare you for a successful readjustment to your home culture and workplace.

About Wetzel Languages

Wetzel Languages is part of Wetzel Services Inc., a partner for companies whose business requires them to cross national, cultural, and linguistic boundaries.

With a background of teaching English as a second language (ESL) and a master’s in education from Clemson University, Paul Wetzel founded Wetzel Services in 1996. Started as a language company, Wetzel Services soon expanded to support international companies not only with language classes and intercultural training but also with relocation and real estate needs for the expats they bring to the area.

Meet Our Language Team
Valerie: Business English Lessons: Upstate, South Carolina

Vice President

Susannah: Business English Lessons: Upstate, South Carolina
Susannah Barba

Language Manager

Rebecca - Intensive English Program: Upstate, South Carolina
Rebecca Small

Linguistic Expert

Elissa Hardy-Schafer

Communications Coordinator

            We look forward to working with you!