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Meet Christina!

Meet Christina!

Get to know Christina Becker, our Communications Manager, in part seven of Wetzel Team Unplugged.

Watching black bears walk slowly across the street, feeling the heat in a canyon, listening to the sound of a waterfall — these are the lively memories from an unforgettable summer vacation I just took.

Traveling has always made me excited. For me, great anticipation starts when I think about packing my backpack to discover a new place, no matter if it’s near or far. I love that I can now share my passion with my husband and two daughters.

The excitement about change, new challenges, and getting to know new places and cultures is also what brought us from Germany to Greenville. When we were finally offered the chance to come here in July 2015, it didn’t take long for us to accept. Leaving family and friends behind was not easy, though. Sometimes I wish I could just give them a hug or talk to them in person, sitting in a cozy café on the Bodensee where we lived. However, since we’re on an expat assignment, we will be back eventually. Meanwhile, we enjoy every day of our experience here as a very special time.

In April 2016, I started working part time for Wetzel Services. Part of my work as a Communications Manager is planning events for expats and spouses, setting up long-term communications plans, and creating and updating content for our websites, blog, social media and print material. I work closely together with all of the other teams. We have a great work atmosphere in our office, which keeps me highly motivated and enjoying my work. Working two to three mornings a week in the office on a flexible schedule still leaves me a lot of time to spend with my girls either at home or with their hobbies, or on playgrounds with their friends.

Recently, I finished my degree as a Life and Business Coach. It was always something I was interested in and being abroad gave me the opportunity to pursue it. I also discovered my interest in mindfulness and meditation, which I integrate in my daily life. It makes my day start with positive thoughts and makes me feel more balanced between work, family time, studying, and free time activities. Also, traveling with a sense of mindfulness is wonderful. I liked that my kids joined me sometimes when we sat on a big rock and used all of our senses to experience life in the moment — watching the bears, feeling the heat, and listening to a waterfall.

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