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Meet Frauke!

Meet Frauke!

Get to know Frauke Westrich from the Relocation Team in part 11 of our blog series Wetzel Team Unplugged.

Hi I’m Frauke. My first name gives away that I’m one of Wetzel Services’ German team members. Born in Hannover, I grew up in various cities in the northern parts of Germany. My dad was an officer in the German army, so we had to move around a good bit, which planted the urge to migrate into my soul.  When I met my husband 32 years ago, I didn’t flinch and moved 450 km (a long distance for Germans) away from the Muensterland to Saarland. We lived there for 25 years and raised our three children before Guenter was asked in 2012 if he would like to take a position at a new plant in South Carolina.

When we came to the Upstate we instantly fell in love, and for 2 years I enjoyed exploring the area and supporting my husband, who didn’t speak much English at the time. After a while, I felt it was time to join the workforce again. I’m lucky that I found a job at Wetzel Services, where I can bring in my experiences as an expat spouse. In 2014 I started as the office manager, and then transitioned to the Relocation Team in 2015. I love working with people and helping them to get settled into their new lives here in South Carolina. Since I have moved a lot in my life, I can relate to the challenges families face when they relocate to a new country and culture.

When I’m not working, I enjoy my backyard: mowing the lawn (great workout), sipping a cup of coffee or tea on the patio, reading, or watching the birds. My favorites are hummingbirds, who at this time of the year hover over the feeders and deliver spectacular flight shows as they chase each other from the foodsource. So much fun.

Sunday mornings are usually spent online, skyping with family and our 3 grandkids. Our daughters, Wiebke and Meike, still live in Germany and already have their own families and children. Nils, our son, went to University of Louisville where he met his wife 6 years ago. They currently live in Bozemann, Montana.

I also enjoy working out and hiking. I love being a little adventurous, so for a week’s vacation or long weekend, I might find myself road tripping in my little car, exploring the beauty of this country or finding a new nearby “happy place”. Have you ever been to “Jumping off rock” (picture) at Lake Jocassee? If not, GO – but bring some off road skills and a capable car. The view is spectacular!

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