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Meet Moni!

Meet Moni!

As part of our Wetzel Team Unplugged blog series, we’re happy to introduce our newest team member, Moni Braun, to you! 

You’re originally from Germany but have lived in the U.S. for quite some time now. What brought you here?

In 2005 my husband was asked if he would like to work in the USA. Our third child was only six weeks old, but we said yes. We relocated to Gainesville, Georgia, and lived there for over four years. When my husband’s work project ended, we had to return to Germany. The culture shock that we experienced upon our return was not expected, and we were not prepared at all! We managed to stay in Germany for 21 months but moved back to Gainesville in February of 2012. We were finally home again! In 2016 my husband was asked to relocate to the plant in Gray Court, South Carolina, so we have now made Simpsonville our home. We love it here and are not planning on going anywhere any time soon.

What do you do at Wetzel Services? What do you like most about your job?

I am a licensed REALTOR®. Helping people find their perfect home is what I like most about real estate. I also enjoy showing new clients the beauty of Greenville and the Upstate.

You decided to homeschool your kids. How did you make this decision?

My journey of homeschooling started four years ago after our third born finished third grade and our youngest finished kindergarten. We realized that the school we were zoned for did not allow fast learners to proceed at their own pace. At the same time, a friend of ours suddenly passed away, and her husband remembered at her funeral how important it was for them to say yes to things during their marriage, including homeschooling. His wife was able to be with her boys every day, teach them at their own level and get to know them very personally. At the time of her passing, the boys were in fourth and sixth grade.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I like reading, because it allows me to quiet down from my busy day. I love to read biographies like Michael J. Fox’s Lucky Man: A Memoir, Kirk Cameron’s Still Growing, his sister Candace Cameron-Bure’s Kind is the New Classy, and Mary Jennings Hegar’s Shoot Like a Girl,  just to name a few.
I also love cooking from scratch, doing it all from start to finish so I know what’s in it. Of course cooking is necessary for our family, but I sometimes double or triple my efforts to provide for others. Cooking for others, like new moms, someone who is sick, or a friend who is overwhelmed with things, is what I really like.
If I’m watching a movie or listening to an audiobook, I busy my hands with crocheting bunnies, blankets, toys — I do it all! It is satisfying to see the end products.
I also like to paint, and my drawings usually include our vacation spots and are created while sitting around the campfire or relaxing at the beach.

What is your favorite vacation spot?

Anywhere from the beach to the mountains, wherever our travel trailer takes us. I love the sand between my toes and a good book in my hand. We have been to beaches from the Keys to Sarasota, from the Great Lakes in Michigan to the California coast, from Myrtle Beach to Virginia Beach. I love them all!
I also like hiking in the mountains. Either way, we always have a campfire going and that makes it even better.

What makes you happy?

When all of our four kids are at home under one roof together! It doesn’t happen very often anymore, since our daughter went off to college in Georgia two years ago. Our son will stay a little closer when he attends Clemson in the fall.


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