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Meet Valerie!

Meet Valerie!

After sending our youngest off to college last August, Paul and I moved into a renovated home in downtown Greenville in December.  Although the renovation process was stressful at times, the end result has been fantastic.  What a wonderful change and simplification of our lives…not to mention our daily commute.   We also enjoy being able to walk or take the trolley to the many entertainment options in Greenville.  Needless to say, we like downtown living!


Having just entered the “empty nest” phase of my life it seems my daily activities and scheduled events have also changed a bit.  For me, most days start with coffee followed by a walk around the neighborhood with our dog Mia. She also has adjusted nicely to our new home and routine.  I then head to work where I am responsible for the financial aspects of our business along with the human resources area.  


Prior to working with Wetzel Services, I spent 15 years working in manufacturing, human resources, quality assurance and supply chain management with Milliken & Company.  This multifaceted experience enabled me to help with our business’ growth and long term planning along with being able to assist with the daily operations of Wetzel.  


I have now been with Wetzel Services for 16 years and have enjoyed working with some fun and impressive people…including my husband. 🙂  It certainly was a challenge for the two of us to work together (even shared the same desk at times)  during that first year.  Once we figured out who was responsible for what and what are daily activities were, things just clicked.  Having our own business and being able to work together gave Paul and me more time, flexibility and energy to be with our kids.


Now that both of our kids are away at school, I am still able to enjoy the flexibility of my job but filling that open time with other activities.  Some of those activities include hiking, exercising at the YMCA and volunteering at Homes of Hope and Advent United Methodist. Paul and I also enjoy traveling in addition to trying to catch up with our kids when we can.  


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