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Proud Wetzel Parents Announce They’ve Adopted Twin Bus Stops

Proud Wetzel Parents Announce They’ve Adopted Twin Bus Stops

Look at those beaming faces! Wetzel Services is pleased to announce that we are the proud adoptive parents of two Greenlink bus stops. Their names are E. Washington Street/Toy Street Inbound, and E. Washington Street/Toy Street Outbound. Yes, we will probably end up calling them “Innie” and “Outie,” and they’ll hate us for it when they’re older! That’s Innie in the picture, by the way.

Innie and Outie are two of over 425 bus stops in Greenville County. Greenlink, the city’s public transportation authority, has buses covering twelve routes that pick up people at each stop. The shelters receive regular maintenance, but it can be hard for the Greenlink staff to keep up with so many different locations. Therefore, they invite the community to participate in their Adopt-A-Stop program.

Through Adopt-A-Stop, community groups, businesses, or individuals can sign up to keep a bus stop near them a clean and pleasant place. Volunteers commit to go to their stop at least once a week to clean up trash and debris. They report any damage or vandalism, and they can suggest upgrades they would be willing to sponsor. In appreciation, Greenlink puts a nice sign with the volunteer’s name at the stop, and even features them on their social media.

We’ve said it before, but we love Greenville. So we’re happy to occasionally get up from our desks, take a walk together, help keep our city beautiful, and support public transportation.