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Wetzel Team Unplugged – Sam’s Story

Wetzel Team Unplugged – Sam’s story

We’re excited to introduce our new blog series “Wetzel Team Unplugged” to you. Take a look at our team from a different perspective. Get to know their passions. See what gets their blood flowing in the morning and how they unwind after work. Read about what we’re made of! We start off right away with Sam Sudano, our newest member of the Wetzel team and let her introduce herself below. Welcome to the team, Sam!

In between life in PR, running, and destination services, I have traveled as much as possible through 26 countries with only a backpack. Occasionally life on the road didn’t go as planned, like the time I accidentally boarded a one-way boat out of Bangkok and had to walk 12 hours back to the city, or when we lost our only flashlight in a cave under Budapest. Once I unexpectedly found myself in a hot-air balloon over Cappadocia, Turkey, and I certainly won’t forget riding a BMW K1600 through one of the snowiest regions of Switzerland anytime soon!

When I’m not working or traveling, my time is with the dogs! I am a foster mom for several rescue groups and adopted one of my own two years ago. Duke is a very special rescue pup — he is completely blind, but that hasn’t stopped him from doing all of the things seeing dogs can do – and sometimes more! He is a certified therapy dog and regularly volunteers at the nursing home. He has been practicing K9 scent training over the last year and is very skilled at nose-work. He loves to run and hike. And he also loves riding motorcycles with me!

Prior to joining Wetzel as a Licensed Real Estate Agent and Leasing Specialist, I worked as a Destination Specialist in Nashville, Tenn., and most recently Greenville, S.C.. While in Nashville, I also managed client accounts at a public relations firm. When I wasn’t working my day job, I was building a business which catered to travelers. As a tour guide at Nashville Running Tours, I took travelers from all over the world out on sight-running tours of the city. I believe seeing a city by foot is one of the most authentic ways to get to know a place — and you can cover much more ground by running. Plus, it beats running on the hotel treadmill any day!

I’m very happy to join the Wetzel team and am looking forward to getting to know our clients and assisting with all of their home-finding needs!


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