Our Services

International Relocation

International relocation is more than just moving. Relocated employees need to feel secure and comfortable.

Language Classes

We go above and beyond to provide the best language and intercultural training solutions for international employees.

Real Estate Services

We’ve helped hundreds of international and local executives and their families move into and out of the Upstate.

Business English Classes

Our Business English classes emphasize improving English skills specific to success in American business culture.

Intercultural Training

Our intercultural program equips you to work in a diverse environment and gain a better understanding of cultural differences.

English Immersion Course

IMMERSE is a fully customized, 1-2 week English immersion program that gives international professionals real life practice.

Our History

With 20 years of experience in the field of relocation, language and intercultural training as well as real estates, Wetzel Services is a local leader in offering international services in Greenville, South Carolina.

With a background of teaching English as a second language (ESL) and a master’s in education from Clemson University, Paul Wetzel founded Wetzel Services in 1996. Started as a language company, Wetzel Services soon expanded to support international companies not only with language and intercultural training but also with relocation and real estate needs for the expats they bring to the area.


I can totally recommend Wetzel Languages. The group classes are very good. And I have a great private teacher. She is helping me to improve my English, but also to integrate in Greenville. I always have a good time with her.”  – Julia, an expat from Germany

“We bought a house with the support from Wetzel Services. We are first time house buyers and had no clue about anything. Sonja, our agent, explained everything very detailed, answered all simple, silly or difficult questions we got.  Wetzel Services helped us as well to set up the house inspection and the CL-100.  We appreciated their support and help in every second. Sonja, Paul and the whole Wetzel Services team did a great job. Anyone who needs help to buy a house is here in perfect hands! Thank y’all!”Michl Abt

“We used Wetzel Realty to purchase an investment property – Paul showed us a few homes and was never pushy, just the opposite. He’d rather you wait till you find what is the best match for you versus pushy selling just to make his dollar. They walk you through all the steps and are always there for you. I have asked many little questions that would mean nothing to most be that were important to me and Paul or his staff always got back with me and answered even the silliest question with total professionalism.  I would highly recommend Wetzel Realty for investment or buying your home.”  — Tasha Demirel

“We had used Paul and his staff to secure a tenant for us a few years ago. We did not want to become landlords but the prospects of selling were dim in the existing market. They were all very knowledge about asking rents, leases, and the screening process. We had the same tenant for three years and when she decided to return Florida, the market seemed more poised for a sale. We again contacted Paul and staff and once again they exhibited their knowledge concerning price points. We had a lot of traffic and interest and secured an acceptable offer in short order. Closing occurred without a hjitch and we are now out of the landlord business, all thanks to Wetzel Realty and staff. Highly recommend for leasing or selling.”Gary Rice 

“We used Paul and Wetzel Realty to find our perfect first home. Not only did we find our dream home on the first day of searching, Paul also took the time to show us homes on a Saturday when my fiance and I were both available. As first time home buyers, we had a ton of questions and needed assistance in navigating everything that was about to come our way. Paul gave us both his honest opinions of each home we saw and when we found the one we liked he made sure to do some background research into the house so that there would be nothing to catch us off guard. The previous owners were looking for a super quick closing (within the month) and Paul and the staff at Wetzel Realty did everything in their power to make sure things went smoothly, which they absolutely did even if it was a little hectic at times on the other end. I highly recommend Wetzel Realty and Paul to every friend and acquaintance we have who is looking to buy/sell/rent a property. Wetzel Realty is great!” — Ashley Simon

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“In January 2017, I had private classes with Wetzel for two weeks. The lessons were customized to my wishes and needs.  I spent a lot of time with different teachers around the area and learned not only the language, but also about background of people, the culture, and way of life in South Carolina. It was a great time – Learn, experience, discover.”Hildegard

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“This was the best English course I have ever had.  We weren’t just inside the classroom.  We also did activities around the city as well.  The teachers were great and I improved my conversational English skills, which benefits me at work and in life.  My English has really improved.” – Ronald 


Our company has partnered with the Immerse program as one of our global talent development initiatives.  They customize a learning program that is an excellent mix of the English language and multicultural interactions.” – Javier, CEO of Eurokera

Meet Our Team
Paul Wetzel - Real Estate Services: Upstate, South Carolina

Paul – President

Valerie: Business English Lessons: Upstate, South Carolina

Valerie – Vice President

Angelika: International Relocation Company: Upstate, South Carolina

Angelika – Relocation Team Leader

Frauke - International Relocation Company: Upstate, South Carolina

Frauke – Relocation Specialist 

Elissa - International Relocation Company: Upstate, South Carolina

Elissa – Relocation Specialist 

Jacki Jesch - Real Estate Services: Upstate, South Carolina

Jacki – Realtor® & Leasing Specialist

Sonja Neufeld - Real Estate Services: Upstate, South Carolina

Sonja – Realtor® & Leasing Specialist

Gee Burnett - Real Estate Services: Upstate, South Carolina

Gee – Realtor® & Leasing Specialist


Sam – Real Estate Agent &
Leasing Specialist

Intensive English Program: Upstate, South Carolina - Susannah

Susannah – Language Manager


Christina – Marketing Manager


Sanaz – Office Manager &
Intercultural Trainer

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Meet Valerie!

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